Amerec Generators and Controls
AK Generator Series: Creating the ultimate steambath environment

Amerec’s AK generators set themselves apart from
other residential generators with several unique features.

"Soft Steam" function maintains the ultimate comfort
zone. Minimal temperature variations and an even
flow of steam are the two most important traits of the
perfect steambath. Amerec’s engineering provides
both traits with its unique "soft steam" function. The
AK generator features innovative "soft steam" element
switching to maintain a consistent and comfortable
steambath environment. The AK uses full power
to quickly heat up the steamroom to its preset temperature;
then cuts power to half its elements, resulting
in a more consistent flow of soft billowing steam
and more stable temperature. "Soft Steam" functions
only with K30 or K60 control (not with R30K).

The single factor most greatly affecting steam bathing
comfort is minimal temperature fluctuations.
Comparative testing proves the superior performance
with the "soft steam" element switching, a feature
exclusive to the AK generator.

"Warm Start" instant steam option: The AK generator has a "warm start" optional control, a unique feature that keeps water in the tank pre-heated. When "warm start" is activated, steam output begins in less than 60 seconds. When "warm start" is disabled
(simple on/off button) the generator will have normal heat up time. The control can be mounted in the bath next to the K30 or K60 control, or outside the bath near the generator.

AK generators have a standard manual drain valve with optional automatic flush system.
Amerec “Cool Touch” steamheads ensure each steambath is a safe and pleasurable experience. Surface temperature of the steamhead does not exceed 125°, reducing the risk of burns. Simply add a few drops of your favorite fragrance to the steamhead’s reservoir for wonderful aroma therapy.

Amerec Generators and Controls


The AK generators now feature four control options: The K60 and KT60 have a three button panel with on/off, temperature setting and time setting which can be adjusted up to 60 minutes. The digital display alternately shows room temperature and time remaining. The display window of the K30 lights up when the generator is on. Both the K60 and the K30 have remotely located thermostats. The K60T has a built in thermostat for easier installation and must be mounted inside the steamroom. The R30K is a simple on/off switch with a built-in 30 minute timer.

Model Inside Steam Room Outside Steam Room
KT60 Yes No
K60 Yes Yes
K30 Yes Yes
R30K Yes Yes


  • K60 and K30 can be mounted inside or outside the
  • KT60 must be mounted inside the steambath
  • All K series controls have dual control capability
  • Controls, cool touch steambaths and escutcheons are
    available in polished chrome, polished brass,
    white, polished or brushed nickel


  • Simple on/off switch
  • Mounted inside or outside the steambath
  • Green indicator light tells the bather the
    generator is on
  • Built-in 30 minute timer
  • Available in polished chrome, polished brass,
    brushed nickel or white finishes
Experience the pleasure of steam with plug-in simplicity

The Vapormist affordably provides the ambience of soft/gentle steam at lower temperatures than standard steam units. These wonderful, diminutive 120- volt plug-in steam generators are ideal for converting small acrylic shower enclosures into luxurious steambaths. With Vapormist, Amerec engineers have made steam bathing easier and more affordable than ever before.

Smaller than a shoebox (4"w x 7 1/2" h x 9 1/4"l), these steam generators fit easily into almost any nearby space . vanity, cabinet or nearby closet. Simply plumb cold water to the unit, add a steam line to the shower space, plug it in to a 120 volt, 20 amp outlet and your steambath is ready to use.

Standard Features
  • Dimensions: 4"w x 7 1/2"h x 9 1/4"l
  • 120-volt, 2 kW
  • Very quiet operation
  • Low energy consumption and
    low water consumption
  • Steam begins in 80 seconds from start up
  • Easy to install
  • Integral cord with plug (for standard 20 amp 120-
    volt household receptacle)
  • Built-in 60 minute timer
  • Includes low-voltage on/off button, mounted inside
    or outside the steambath