Amerec Sauna Accessories
Enhance your sauna experience with handsomely made accessories. Crafted of the finest materials, they’ll add years of enjoyment to your sauna. All sauna packages include standard accessories of thermometer, wood bucket, wood ladle, light, headrests, backrests, duckboards, and heater guard rail.
  1. Wooden bucket with plastic insert, 1 gallon
  2. Wooden bucket with stainless steel insert, 2.5 gallons
  3. Wooden sauna tub, 4.5 gallons
  4. Copper bucket, 1 gallon
  5. Thermometer, liquid filled
  6. Sand timer (15 minutes)
  7. Deluxe sand timer; beech and aluminum frame
  8. Copper ladle
  9. Wooden ladle, 18"
  10. Wooden ladle, 14"
  11. Long handled bath brush
  12. Bath brushes, set of two
  13. Lampshade, for corner installation
    (use with #14)
  14. Vapor proof sauna wall light
  15. Bucket clock (not for use inside sauna)
  16. Headrest, deluxe
  1. Gift pack of 8 fragrances, 50ml ea.;
    Birch, Pine and Herbal available in 250ml
  2. Eucalyptus fragrances, 2oz, 8oz, 16oz
  3. Thermometer; beech and aluminum frame
  4. Hygrometer; beech and aluminum frame
  5. Thermometer/hygrometer; beech and
    aluminum frame
  6. 5" chrome thermometer
  7. 5" chrome thermometer/hygrometer
  8. 7" brass thermometer/hygrometer
  9. Curved backrest with birch dowels
  10. Ventilation valve
  11. Wooden vent grill
  12. Sauna speaker (set of 2)
  13. Clothes hanger 3-peg; 2-peg and 4-peg also available
  14. Pair of handles, Nordic Pine
    Head and backrest – not pictured